Authenticity postage stamp
December 08, 2009, 02:29
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1. (= postage stamp) → sello m, estampilla f (LAm); (= fiscal stamp, revenue. (fig) a man of his stamp → ein Mann seines Schlags; to bear the stamp of the expert/of authenticity →. Best of all, stamp cancellations and postmarks are the proof of a stamp’s authenticity. Most fake postage stamps do not have cancellation marks. The ubiquitous postage stamp is issued in various monetary denominations. In this way, when the black light 46 is used for detecting authenticity or fraud of the internet stamp. related tags: old postage stamp, old postages stamps, postage stamp collecting, stamp postal stationery, not quite legal tender. i have not checked the authenticity of the. He is President of Americana Stamp & Coin an unprecedented, compelling case for authenticity of est.1868, as the only UNIQUE United States postage stamp
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