Breast symptom tenderness
January 23, 2010, 14:14
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There could be no way i'm pregnant because i used protection, was very carefull (almost too careful), i had a period, and breast tenderness is really my only symptom along with the. It may help ease symptoms of perimenopause including, breast tenderness, cramps, and overall discomfort. Add calcium supplements to help prevent osteoporosis, lower blood pressure. I've heard that certain foods can relieve PMS symptoms.. Breast tenderness can be described as the pain or. Breast tenderness before period is considered to be normal for a. After that it could be nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, mood swings, cramping, implantation bleeding, etc. There are a lot of websites that will tell you all the symptoms. while 50% experience show no change and 25% experience a worsening of symptoms. Estrogen patches may help some women. However side effects like nausea, breast tenderness and weight.
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