Jelly bean fish
October 28, 2009, 10:16
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cichlid research, jelly bean, gils: Hi Amy, It s hard to say. It could be several possible things. It could be a tumor (fish get tumors) or it could be a parasite. In either. The water is fine! Any registered user can post or comment on any story here. Click here to register, then tell us all about your own "tank puppies!" Many people have koi ponds to use them for relaxation when out in the yard. Koi fish are both beautiful and relaxing to watch swimming around. After we had this blue jellybean four months, Older "jelly bean" lost his dye color and. Misc Mini-Fish Pacús Piranha, Black Piranha, Red Rainbowfish. Image Caption: Stock Photo of a Curious Jellybean Parrotfish fish tank - fish tanks - ichthyology - jellybean parrot - jellybean parrotfish - jellybean parrots.
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